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Old Rock City Orchestra

Old Rock City Orchestra was formed in 2009 in Orvieto (Italy) by Cinzia Catalucci (vocals and keyboards), Raffaele Spanetta (guitars), Giacomo Cocchiara (bass guitar) and Michele “Mike” Capriolo (drums).


In 2010 the group recorded the first EP, also broadcasted on Aural Moon Radio (USA).


In August 2011 the band completed the work recording four new songs, releasing the debut album Once Upon A Time (2012) under M. P. & Records (Rick Wakeman (YES), Sonja Kristina (Curved Air), Le Orme, etc.).


In the Summer 2013 the band was involved in the first European tour, performing in the UK, France, Belgium, Holland and Bulgaria.


In 2014 Old Rock City Orchestra played as opening act for Bernardo Lanzetti (ex-PFM), FIM Career Award winner 2015.

In the Spring of the same year the band recorded the second studio album, Back To Earth, released under M. P. & Records and distributed by G. T. Music (worldwide distribution).


In September 2015 Old Rock City Orchestra played as opening act for the Italian progressive rock band Biglietto per l’Inferno in the Prog to Rock festival (Turin, Italy).

In November of the same year the bass player Giacomo Cocchiara left the group. Old Rock City Orchestra made the decision to go on as a trio, recording a studio version of Need by Circus 2000.

In March 2017 the band recorded new songs and in October of the same year Old Rock City Orchestra performed at The Capstone Theatre in Liverpool, UK.

In 2018 the trio completed the recordings of the third studio album The Magic Park Of Dark Roses, released on October 10th.

In summer 2021 Old Rock City Orchestra recorded the fourth studio album titled Y (Ipsilon), released in March 2023 in loving memory of the band drummer Michele "MIke" Capriolo.

Old Rock City Orchestra band
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